World’ First Curved Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Round to go on Floors This Week

Samsung, the South Korean manufacturer has often grabbed rave reviews for introducing some of the most diligent techno products into the market and hence often dominates the corridor as a promising techno giant. You must have come across the news before that Samsung was of late busy preparing a new curved flexible display Smartphone! Also we had seen some leaked specs of the device hovering over the WebPages, few days ago. But the latest info reveals that the Techno Giant is geared up to launch the device, named Samsung Galaxy Round, within this week. So, isn’t it a great news for the gadget lovers? Well, let’s have a look on the detailed specs and features of the device.

Samsung Galaxy Round

After the news moved around the corners that Samsung is all set to publicize its brand new Smartphone and after some of its leaked specs started moving around the internet, Samsung did no delay in releasing the video teasing of the curved Smartphone. You can have many of your questions answered having a glimpse of the video. However, we must update you that curved shape of the device is itself going to be proved as a boon, since the shape allowed the savvies to root more features within it. Let’s have a clean look on the features.

Of course you can have a clean look of the features from the given teaser. But here we give a few spotted ones. As showcased, the device will be running on the latest version of Android, Jellybean v4.3 and will be powered by a quad-core processor cloaked at 2.3 GHz. Besides, the Smartphone will feature a 5.7” Full HD Super AMOLED display that will be the other strong considerable spec, since it will give you super HD experience directly at your home. The device is also quite handy, since it weighs only about 154 grams and measures 7.9 mm thick. So, you can easily carry it anywhere you want to go. Besides, the device carries an innovative concept i.e. the Roll Effect which is the consequence of its curved shape. The feature assists you to turn on or check your display just by tilting the Smartphone.

Undoubtedly, the Roll Effect is a great feature since you can check a number of things like checking date or time, missed calls, or battery level on the display, just by tilting the phone. Even you can change the following or previous song tracks on your phone just by titling the phone to right or left, respectively. No more you have to turn on your display for the purpose. You can get more details on the same having a view of the teaser. Apart, the device carves another equivalent feature called Side Mirror which assists the users to change photos and videos. For better users, the device includes the multiple window feature that will help you to accomplish multiple task at a time. Samsung is going to launch the device in its home country this week in Luxury Brown Colour.

We don’t have any price info of the device and other hardware integrations. So, we have to wait for the official unveiling of the device to get details on the same.

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