Wireless Keyboards are prone to hacking attacks!

Shocked? Wonder how is it possible! While most of the desktop users this date are fond of using wireless keyboards for convenience, this new research report can make them worried. Yes, a new research report recently published by the cyber-security firm Bastille concludes that your Wireless Keyboards, specially the low cost models are prone to hacking attacks. Then it’s a matter to think, because every single keystroke you make in your Wireless Keyboard can give access to the hackers to steal your personal details.

wireless keyboard

The attackers within 250 away from the place where you are using the Wireless Keyboard can hack your personal credentials including credit/debit card numbers, usernames, passwords and other personal details for which you might really pay heavy. As reported by Marc Newlin, the Bastille researcher who first discovered this issue says that generally the public expects the manufacturers to built ample security in the  wireless keyboards to stop vulnerable attacks. But unfortunately eight of the 12 keyboard manufacturers added in the servery were found open to attack.

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Now question arises why this issue occurs in the Wireless keyboards? Answer is very clear. Because the connection between the PC and the wireless keyboards are not encrypted like the wired ones and hence can be attacked using a tool less than $100. Of course most of the costly wireless keyboards are free from this issue. This issue is also not applicable to the Bluetooth keyboards as they use strong security measures and are subject to industry standards. Shocking news is that the industry leaders like Toshiba and HP are also included in the list of manufacturers whose wireless keyboards are hackable.

Conversely, Kensington, another vulnerable wireless keyboard manufacturer says that it’s taken necessary steps to safeguard its Kensington ProFit Wireless Keyboard. According to the manufacturer, it has released a firmware update which will close all security gaps in the keyboard and will make it encrypted. Now it’s to be seen what steps the other manufacturers are going to take to cover the security gap in their keyboards. In the meantime, you will definitely be recommended to use wired or Bluetooth model keyboards to safeguard your desktop use.

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