WhatsApp supposed to add Mentions and Group Invite Links

WhatsApp this date has become one of the most popular messaging platforms for users across the globe & WhatsApp is also promptly introducing new features to attract the attention of users primarily. In addition, recently WhatsApp is planning to introduce two new features i.e. “Mentions” and “Group Invite Links” to its messenger. The “mention” feature will attract the attention users in the group instantly and using the “Group Invite Links” users can add someone easily to the group.


Recently, WhatsApp is in news to have introduced both the features in a beta build for the iOS users. The “Mention” feature is in rumour to be in testing phase for few days & this feature is only suitable to use in group conversation where there would enough friends. This feature will be of no use to attract the attention of an individual. The “mention” feature in WhatsApp will be almost equivalent to that of Facebook, but will be available in a different color text. Conversely, the “Group Invite” feature will permit the WhatsApp users to send group invite links to any user for joining. As reported by @WABetaInfo, it claims to have tracked the release of the mention and group invite features.

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If you a take a look on the screenshot of the Group Invite feature, you will find the text quoted “Anyone with WhatsApp can follow this link to join this group. Only share it with people you trust.” Besides the link to the group you will find three other options in the screenshot i.e. copy link, share link, and revoke link. However, because this update has just recently released in beta version, so it’s expected to be made available to all users across the globe in pretty some time. Apart from this, @WABetaInfo also rumoured that WhatsApp was supposed to introduce “gif image support” for users which has not been rolled still now.

Well, now we would definitely wait ahead to see what other features WhatsApp is going to introduce for its users in near future. Also as users, we would like to know what other features you would like to introduce for you by WhatsApp. Forget not to mention here in comments.

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