WhatsApp adds welcoming features for Users

As you know the Facebook owned Messenger App WhatsApp has been improvised a lot in the last few days and that’s why Users are getting more interested to spend time in the messenger app. In the last few days we have seen some major improvements in the app that include sharing of pdf files which can be done not only from the storage of your device, but from both the Google Drive and Microsoft  OneDrive,  end-to-end encryption notification, a redesigned Settings page etc.

And now Facebook have added a new set of features that has become a part of the version 2.12.535 for Android. This is exclusively for Android and will not work in iOS, neither will work in the app version 2.12.510 or lower. The app is still in beta stage and can be obtained from the Google Play for beta testers. If you are interested to test the beta version of this App, then you can either visit the google Play Store or can type www.whatsapp.com/android.

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just before introducing the version 2.12.535 for Android, WhatsApp had introduced the document sharing feature. This new version of update allows you to format text inside messages as bold and italics. To make the text Bold or Italics, you have to just put the text inside *asterisks* and _underscore_ respectively. But the recipient will see the bold or Italics text only if he uses the same version of WhatsApp i.e. 2.12.535.

One thing more, the Bold and Italic format will also appear in the notification panel in this new version. I mean, if the receiver is using the same v2.12.535, then the test sent by you in bold or Italics will appear in the same format in the notification panel. However, during the scheduled backup, the complete App will be blocked as usual and will display a progress bar where there will be the estimated timing when you can get back to the app.

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So if you want to test this new version of WhatsApp then visit the Google Play Store now or visit the link given above. Definitely let’s know how you liked it

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