Tips To Use WhatsApp Without Phone Number And Inserting SIM card

Do you want to use the WhatsApp without the phone number? If yes, we now have the way to help you use WhatsApp on your iPhone/iPad, Android or computer without having to insert SIM card or add the phone number.

How To Use WhatsApp without Phone Number/SIM

There are two common ways to use WhatsApp without phone number or SIM card, but before starting, you  should meet some certain requirements first:

  • Download WhatsApp for your device.
  • If you have WhatsApp already installed on your device, check if you have verified a phone number on the app. If you did, delete your number from the app by uninstalling and reinstalling it.

Now you can test two methods to activate WhatsApp on your device without phone number

  1. Verify WhataApp using TextNow

By using TextNow, you can verify the WhatsApp with the help of a different phone number. Here is how you can do this:

  • First, you need to download the TextNow app from Play Store, App Store or Windows Phone Store. If you are using WhatsApp on PC, you have to download TextNow through an Android Emulator or use other text message app.
  • Now launch the app to complete the download process.
  • Next, take note the phone number provided by TextNow.
  • In case you forget noting your number, you can easily find.
  • Android and iOS: Tap on the three-line icon at the top left corner to display the mobile number.
  • Windows Phone: Go to People tab to see your phone number.
  • Next, verify your number you have just taken note from the TextNow app in WhatsApp.
  • Now agree terms and condition, select your country and type in the phone number.
  • Wait for the SMS activation code to fail. After that, the app will prompt you an option to verify the number using a call. Tap the Call Me button.
  • On the TextNow app, you will get a call from WhatsApp.
  • Accept the call and take note the verification number.
  • Finally, simply enter the verification code in WhatsApp and get the setup done.

Now you can now start using WhatsApp. If this method did not work out for you, you can move to the second method.

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Verify WhatsApp Using Landline

  • First,launch WhatsApp on your device.
  • Next choose your country and enter your landline number.
  • Now, wait for the SMS activation code to fail. It’s about 5 minutes.
  • You will be asked to activate WhatsApp via call, tap on Call Me and there’ll be a call from WhatsApp on your landline number.
  • Now, accept the call and take note the verification number.
  • Finally, verify your number with the code in WhatsApp and finish the setup.

These are two ways you can do to activate and use WhatsApp on your device without the phone number and SIM card. If you have any troubles, let’s know in the comment below.

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