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How to Update Galaxy Note 3 DUOS (SM-N9002) to Android 4.4.2 KitKat ZNUENG4 Firmware

All Samsung Galaxy Note 3 DUOS (SM-N9002) users! Get set to multiply your mobile fun. Wonder why? ‘Coz I have a great news for you. Wanna know what? Samsung just of late rolled out a new firmware with the build ZNUENG4 for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 DUOS users. So now they can further upgrade their device to the latest Android 4.4.2 KitKat ZNUENG4 Firmware. Isn’t it a great news? The update has been rolled out in China with the build name N9002ZNUENG4. Since Galaxy Note 3 DUOS (SM-N9002) is a feature-enriched handset with some lucrative features, so the update is supposed to bring lots of further improvements with existing bug fixes for your handset. We know you must have good experience with the Note 3 device, but we assume that it will be better once you further flash the latest firmware in your Note 3 device. If you are a proud owner of this handset and want to further upgrade your device, then I am here with this step-by-step guide just for you. Just follow the steps given in this guide and you can easily update your device with the latest firmware. But before that you need to fulfill certain requirements, so that your update will not be a failure, nor you will brick or lose any important data from your device. So take a quick look on the pre-requirements.


Double check the Name and model of your device before initiating the update since this guide is meant for only the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 DUOS (SM-N9002) handset and implementing the procedure in other devices might brick your device hard. Remember, TechGipsy will no way remain responsible for any sort of damage or data loss that your device might undergo during the installation process. So proceed only if you understand what you do.


  • All important data and files of your Galaxy Note 3 DUOS should be provided a good back-up before this update since the update will erase all your important data.
  • A computer and original USB cable should be kept ready for use.
  • Your PC must be pre-loaded with the Galaxy Note 3 DUOS drivers since the drivers will help you connect your Note to your PC. If not installed, then at first download the drivers from the official site of Samsung and install those on your PC.
  • The USB debugging option of your tablet should be enabled before the update. To enable the same visit Menu > Settings > Applications.
  • To ensure if your USB debugging is enabled, navigate and tap on Developer Options. Don’t forget to disable the USB Debugging option post update.
  • Most importantly keep your phone battery fully charged. If it is not fully charged, at least maintain a minimum of 75% power back up before starting the update.

Steps to Update

  • First of all download the Android 4.4.2 KitKat file for your Note 3 DUOS (SM-N9002) and extract it on the desktop of your PC. Now download Odin
  • Then Put your Note 3 DUOS (SM-N9002) into download mode by first turning off the phone and then pressing its Volume Down button, Power Button and Home Button simultaneously. Thereafter press the Volume Up Button again after a warning message appear on your screen, to put your Galaxy Wave 525 into download mode.
  • Then connect your tablet to the PC via USB cable.
  • The button-left corner of Odin will display a message after the connection of the Galaxy device with your PC is successful.
  • Now launch Odin on your PC, click on “AP/ADB” in Odin and choose the “.tar.md5″ file from the extracted Android 4.4.2 KitKat ZNUENG4 folder. Make sure that re-partition option is unchecked.
  • Next select the “Auto-reboot” option in Odin and press the “Start” button. The update process will take around 4-5 minutes. Wait still your Galaxy Note 3 restarts.

That’s it! You have now successfully updated your Galaxy Note 3 DUOS (SM-N9002) with the latest Android 4.4.2 KitKat ZNUENG4 Firmware. Go ahead and experience the enriched KitKat features in your Galaxy Note 3 DUOS device. In case of any issues, get back to me via the comment section. I shall definitely come out with a solution for you. For further tech news, android updates and rooting, keep visiting TechGipsy.

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Durga Prasad Tripathy is a part time blogger from India who loves to blog on Android, Technology, Gadgets and everything that is related to Technology.


  1. With regards to your article “How to Update Galaxy Note 3 DUOS (SM-N9002) to Android 4.4.2 KitKat ZNUENG4 Firmware”, please advise if the platform in the phone will be English or Chinese.

    I also need to know if Google Play will be installed along with the ROM or I will need to do some more installations.



    • Hi K.P, The platform will be in English and you don’t need to install Google Play separate. It will be added automatically post installation. Thanks.

      • Hi Durga,

        I have installed Kitkat now; however even after restarting a few times I still get the following messages “Unfortunately Unified Daemon(CHN) has stopped”, “Unfortunately Google Play services has stopped”, “Unfortunately Google Play Store has stopped”. I cannot start Google Play.

        Secondly, how can I get additional language – I need to install Arabic language.

        Thirdly, how can I get the basic Samsung keyboard installed. I do not want the Samsung Chinese IME keyboard.


        • Hi KP,

          Seems there remained some issues in your installation process. Anyways, follow these steps.

          Settings > More > Application Manager > All > Unified Daemon (eur). Clear Data and reboot to confirm the message is now gone.

          Hope all your issues will be clarified post your devices reboot. If not, feel free to ping me. Thanks

          • Dear Durga,

            Unfortunately it did not help… incidentally I get Unified Daemon(CHN) and not Unified Daemon (eur). Though I could install Arabic as an additional language i cannot get it in the keyboard.

            Besides since Google play does not work a number of installed applications too donot start (crash) – and this phone too is “off” my devices in Google Playstore now.
            Is there a way to clean off / hard reset “everything” and reinstall a fresh Kitkat ROM (without Chinese interface)? I will reinstall my data / app if all is well after that…


          • Dear Durga,

            Further to the previous message – just a clarification that my Note 3 Phonenow is not seen under “My Devices” in Google Playstore….



          • Have you earlier installed any ROM or rooted your device. If so then use the Superuser to unroot the device and then update the device. If any error is showing then it is better not to update your phone because further update can brick your device. Wait for the official push (OTA) to update the phone to Kitkat 4.4.2.

  2. Yes it was rooted earlier; installing the present Kitkat ROM as per the procedure listed above has already made it unrooted. the devise is already updated to kitkat 4.4.2 but one of my main problem is non-access to Google Play that renders any (existing) app that connects to Google on startup redundant; obviously new apps are out of question…

  3. Yes it was rooted earlier; installing the present Kitkat ROM as per the procedure listed above has already made it unrooted. the devise is already updated to kitkat 4.4.2.

    But one of my main problem is non-access to Google Play that renders any (existing) app that connects to Google on startup redundant; obviously new apps are out of question…

  4. Hi Durga,

    I did a Factory Rest / Wipe out data to clean up. So now Google Play is not available (Baidu is available). How can I install Google Play?


    • Hi KP,
      For Google Play you can install gapps. But for that you have to follow certain procedures. But better I would recommend you to wait for the OTA update to hit your device.

  5. thanks but in this file i don’t see playstore

    • Hi Hassan,

      Thanks for the query. In fact, I have got many complaints regarding the same issue. I would recommend you to wait for the OTA update to hit your device. In the meantime, I am trying to wfind out something new to install Gapps separately. Thanks.

  6. thanks brother,,, 🙂

  7. Hi Durga

    Thanks for kitkat upgrade instruction.

    I did all the step, include full wiping. but, just like the others, i have google app problem, specially for google account (contact backup), Maps, and google play store. they’re useful app for me

    maybe we’re waiting the patch or need root the ROM?

    please help us, because n9002 is still the best dual GSM phone so far, at least for me 😀

    • Hi, As told others, this was the official release and hardly it so happens that there are some loofalls in official ROMS. But since this problem frequently occurs in every update, so I am on attempt to get a solution for this issue. But I would definitely recommend you to wait for the OTA to go on in your region. Once you update with the OTA, this issue will be solved. And if I get any solution to this issue in the interval, I shall definitely get back to you. Thanks.

  8. Is this happening for both an update via KIES or manual update. I did any update via Kies and now have exactly the same issue

    Unfortunately Unified Daemon(CHN) has stopped”, “Unfortunately Google Play services has stopped”, “Unfortunately Google Play Store has stopped”

    It also reloads the phone with chinese bloatware that was earlier removed.

    I don’t understand how Samsung can release this update untested then leave users hanging without Google Play Store Access. Its a great phone made useless by poor support. If there any any solution for this that would be appreciated

    • Hi Andrew, at first I would like to know from which country do you belong to? Do you belong to China? Secondly if not, then was the firmware available via Kies for update? If it was already available, then such problem shouldn’t occur. and if it was not there then you can’t update it. i do understand your concern about your device. But since this issue frequently occurs with many users, then I would like to know the location of your device. This firmware was available for the users in china. In such case what you can only do is to wait for the next official update.

      • Hi Durga, Yes china-based, the phone was rooted previously to enable access to GAPPS as default these are not on the phone (SVA ROM 2.0) Phone worked great until about 2 weeks ago when the dreaded disappearing google account problem started again. The firmware was available via hence how i did the update and have the same problem as described by others above in your blog thread. I have been referring to this thread on XDA Developers and people seem to be doing it manual and there is no mention of the same problem. Weird.

  9. Durga, Pleased to inform you it the full method listed on the XDA developer link fixes the problems your readers are experiencing. It seems simply putting the update on from KEIS, even in english does not include the Google APPS as they were never in the original code for the this model phone. You need to root the phone, install the recovery file, then the superuser file, then the google apps.

    This seems to leave the phone working perfectly at this point, I will advise if i find any further issues

    • Hey Andrew, thanks for the suggestion. In fact, I was just going through the thread and was about to inform you the same that you mentioned. But you came out with the solution. Thanks a lot. All other readers are also suggested for the same. In fact, I shall write up a new article on the same. Thanks.

  10. hi durga,

    this is the solution, you can share to others who need it.

    but please dont share in public, because they need to pay before get the download link

    here :
    SVA ROM SM-N9002 Duos v7.2 Superb ZNUENG4
    Forum :
    Download LINK :

    Sofar the rom very stable


    • Hi, thanks for the suggestion. Of course I make it live here in the comment section, so that anyone who wants can use this opportunity. Also the above mentioned method can be followed to solve the issue. Thanks.

  11. hello i made the software but actually i dont have google apps and i dont kbow how to install gapps

  12. Hi, Thanks for the instruction, i follow the instruction and the phone finally reboot but then the phone start up screen stay at the ” SAMSUNG” text !
    I am stucked !!!

    Please help.

  13. i have a problem i have samsung galaxy nore 3 duos n9002
    my playstore under go a problem its auto closing and my google play services keep unresponding

  14. hello dear friend greetings, installed google play service but the error insists unfortunely google play service. Android 5.0 lollipop help me? I’m from Brazil

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