Unicode approves Google’s working women emoji

working women emojisGoogle was eagerly waiting for the Working women emoji to get approved by Unicode and finally the day has come. Unicode just recently approved the Working women emoji applied by Google in May this year. This was a brand new concept by Google to introduced female Working characters in Emoji as all that professional emoji’s availed till date are tiny male characters. You can of course find female emojis, but those are of brides or princesses, but you will not find Working women emojis. So to bring little change in the trend, Google had recommended the Unicode Consortium to add 13 female emojis that would represent the women in a better way.

Of course, this was a welcoming step. But if the request would be accepted by Unicode was still a question. However, leaving all suspicion behind, Unicode has accepted Google’s recommendation. The accepted emojis will show women in 11 new postures including singing, wielding, farming, business etc. And you will get these emojis in every existing skin tone and that’s why the total number is supposed to cross a 100. Besides, Unicode also adds 33 versions of female emojis that were previously available in male characters only. The emojis will include police officer, runner, hair dresser etc.

Many a major companies across the globe i.e. Apple, Facebook, Google, IBM, Microsoft etc and major programming languages such as XML, Java etc. have adopted Unicode’s Emoji Set. Unicode allows seamless use of the emoji characters in any standard platform that is supportive of it. Before in some occasions, Unicode was criticized for not getting updated and modern emojis as per the changing platforms and that’s why Unicode has added these newly developed women emoji characters with new skin tone addition to the existing emojis.

These new Women emojis approved by Unicode for Google are supposed to get added in the upcoming versions of Android and other Operating Systems as well. So what do you think? Will not it be more convenient for you now to express your feelings? Forget not to share your views.

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