Unclutter your Inbox with Unroll.me

Tired with pesky marketers shooting trying to sell something or other, or with company newsletters eating your inbox space and stealing your attention off your important work. And here is a rather new little start-up called Unroll.me that wants to take that bloat off your inbox. Read on to see what it’s all about.


Even though social media is quickly getting its root into to take hold of the web, Email still remains as the preferred way to communicate on the web. Email started off as simple messaging between two connected computers and as the time went by it grew into a massive architecture of mail servers as we see today. Emails are now increasingly used for communication as well as for newsletters and unfortunately spam! Many people take these as shortcomings of email but in fact it was never designed with these things mind.

Unroll.me is a free and nifty tool to “sanitize” your inbox. With the growing number of ad-supported products and their popularity among the masses, it’s obvious that your mail id might have amassed a huge list of mailing lists over the past few years or so. Unroll.me accesses your email inbox and allows you to clean it up with few simple clicks. Now let’s talk about what features Unroll.me provides.


Mass unsubscribing:

And this is the killer punch I was talking about. Now you don’t have to scuffle around your inbox, opening every email you get and grope for that little unsubscribe button. Unroll.me does all the unsubscribing for you. After you grant Unroll.me the access to your inbox, it will scan your inbox and list all of your subscriptions. Now for the list you want to unsubscribe, simply click the minus (-) sign and the list is gone for eternity (of course, unless you subscribe it again!).

Daily rollup:

Now what if there is some stuff that you’re very much interested in and do not want to miss out a single activity. You leave them subscribed but slowly notice the distracting clutter. And here’s again Unroll.me for the rescue. During the summary of mailing list you can choose individual lists to me added to “The Rollup”, a sort of personal digest with inputs from all those selected lists. You can even fine-tune the time and frequency of the roll up as per your convenience.

Personalized recommendations:

After the initial setup, Unroll.me provides some suggestions about some popular lists you may want to subscribe, based on your current subscriptions under a section titled “Recommended for you”. You may add them if you please or can simply choose to ignore them.

Will Unroll.me work for me?

Unroll.me is a great tool to combat all those marketing mails and company newsletters that junk away your mailbox, an issue that affects a large majority. Everyone at some point of time must have received those pesky mails asking to sell out a few bucks for something. Now this can get pretty annoying and here’s where Unroll.me comes in real handy.  But if you receive lots of mail coming from actual people and not from mailing lists, then Unroll.me won’t be able to offer much help. However, it is possible that they might add some new email management features in near future.

And yet another thing to note. Unroll.me is a pretty new service and so won’t work with every email provider. Currently, only popular ones like Gmail, MSN, Yahoo and AOL are supported. But if yours isn’t then you can sign up with Unroll.me to be notified when your provider is available.

And for more exciting stuff on internet and technology, stay tuned.

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