Tips to hack Super Mario Run on iOS devices

Super Mario Run is currently the hottest game on the App Store when getting the biggest download turn in a few days. Besides requiring an absolute internet connection to play, Nintedo just allows players to play free for three stages. If you want to play more, you have to spend money to unlock all the strategy. That can make you annoyed. But fortunately, if your iOS device has been jailbroken, we now have something interested for you that is there is a new Super Mario Run tool cheat for jailbreak iOS devices.

To install this tool cheat, you need to visit a .deb package and install it on your own. But don’t worry, the process is nothing different with the way you usually install any external packages from Safari.

Here’re  simple steps to cheat for Super Mario Run game

  • Launch Cydia on your Home screen and install iFile
  • Launch the Safari browser and tap on here
  • Pay attention at “Open in…” and select iFile
  • You will be redirected to the app, now choose Installer
  • Respring your iOS device
  • Then, go to the Settings > Super Mario Run cheat
  • From here, toggle the features you want to On and open the game to enjoy.

That’s done! You can now play the Super Mario Run without buying anything. However, we do not encourage users to use such hack at all the time; as Nintendo didn’t bring any in-app purchase to this game so let’s be happy for that.

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How about the Non-Jailbroken iOS device?

Recently, a user from iOSGods forum posted a tutorial how to cheat Super Mario Run for non-jailbreak device with unlimited lives and bubbles. But unfortunately, this method is only available if you are a premium subscriber at iOSGods. For now, you can go to the iOSGods forum to purchase one.

We’re finding other solutions to help you hack Super Mario Run on your non-jailbreak device. Feel free to wait and follow this post for get further updated information.


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