Tips Tips To Fix LG V10 Overheating Issue

Are you getting trouble with overheating issue on your new LG V10 frequently after short usage? What should you do to get rid of this issue on your handset? Any smartphone is bound to get warm after a long stretch of uses but things could not be overlooked when the device starts getting hot. In this post, we will show you how to fix overheating issue on your LG V10.

  1. Remove the case if using

You spent a lot of money for a protective case to protect the device from unwanted accidents but this can be seen as the reason of overheating sometimes. So, remove the case from your V10 and see if the issue is already resolved. If yes, let your phone out of the case.

  1. Turn unnecessary features and functions off

Animated wallpaper makes your brand new LG V10 device more impressive but too many of features activated altogether can cause the phone to work slowly and get hot as well for no reason. So, you should disable the unneeded features and functionalities and the overheating to keep the phone in good condition as well as resolve the battery drain issue.

  1. Too many apps running in background

If there are many apps being run as soon as the device powers on, this will be a reason for getting hot on your LG V10. So, you need to check the apps running in the background and then uninstall them, or if not, put them in the sleep mode when not in use. Greenify is the best app to perform these things.

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  1. Wipe cache partition

Sometimes too many caches can create this overheating issue in your device. So you need to wipe the cache and then check if your LG V10 is working normally. To wipe cache partition, do the following steps

  • Power off your LG V10
  • Next, press and hold down the Volume up + Power + Home button altogether for few seconds until you see the LG logo on the screen.
  • When the recovery menu displays, use Volume down button and Power button to navigate and select something.
  • Move to the ‘wipe cache partition’ option and pressing the Power button to confirm it
  • Once done, reboot the system.
  1. Defective battery

Finally, in case you have tried all explained solutions but the issue still exists, then the battery of your LG V10 might be defective, so it is the main culprit of the issue. To check the battery, remove it from your device and try using another one. If the phone reacts normally after replacing the battery, that means your issue is resolved then.

Above are some tips to fix overheating issue on the LG V10. Feel free to leave the comments below.

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