Tips And Tricks For Samsung Galaxy J Series 2017

All smartphones come with their features, or at least there are some features that would be difficult to find for an untrained eye. So in this post today, we’ll share with you tips for the Samsung Galaxy J series 2017, including J3, J5 and J7 devices.

Tips For Samsung Galaxy J3,J5 & J7 (2017)

Use the screen with one hand 

The Galaxy J7 is not a compact smartphone due to its 5.5-inches display, so using it with only one hand is very difficult, even impossible. But Samsung offers a way to use your Galaxy J7 with one hand. You can configure the Home button to adapt to the 5.5-inch screen size. To do so, go to Settings > search for Advanced Features and tap on “One-handed use mode”. Next, choose “Touch.” However, you can also place it on either side by tapping the Home button three times.

Activate easy mode

This feature has appeared on all Samsung smartphones for a while, but while it’s practical, it seems to be overlooked. Most Galaxy users like this mode, but some just want a screen that displays the basic functions without the screen containing the files and the annoying shortcuts.

To enable the easy mode, go to Display SettingsEasy mode and that’s all you need to do.

Test out hardware

You can easily know whether your device is working well or not by running some tests yourself. Simply launch the Phone app, and enter the code *#0*# to access various kinds of tests, from the color display to touch recognition tests.

Activate the multi-window mode

This mode is now popular for Android fans, but the newbies don’t know much about it, though it’s very handy. You can easily make two apps display at the same time. Simply go to Settings> Advanced Features> Multi-screen and then activate the Activate split screen display option. After that, head to an app and press the multitasking button locating at the left of the Home button. Your screen will now divide into two sections. You can now load the other app that you want in the blank section.

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Take photos without touching screen

Normally, when you have to take a photo, you usually unlock your smartphone, launch the camera app, and press the camera button for taking the photo. But the object that you want to capture already disappears. Fortunately, Samsung offers a more simple way to open the camera for taking a photo. On the J7 2017 smartphone, and its brothers, you simply need to double- tap on the Home button to launch the camera and use the volume buttons to take the photo.

Disable Always On Display (Only J7 2017)

By default, Samsung turns on the Always On Display mode on the supported devices to display the date, time, battery percentage as well as notifications. Although for some users, this display mode can be annoying, it can easily be configured. To do so, go to Settings > Always On Display at the top of your screen. You can change the appearance or disable the feature completely.

Do you know other interesting features on your J3, J5, J7 2017? Let’s know in the comment.

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