The new smart watch from Apple at $349

The all new Apple Watch is not only a gadget for tech enthusiasts as it has the got stylish fashionable looks that will catch everyone’s eye.  Apple watch will hit the stores in early 2015 so you have to wait a little longer to own it. The watch will be offered in three variants: the Apple Watch which is the base model and made of stainless steel, Apple Watch Sport which has been designed using anodized aluminum and the expensive Apple Watch Edition made with 18-karat gold. The base model will be priced at $349.

On the occasion of the launch Apple chief executive Tim Cook said “An entirely new product. We believe this product will redefine what people expect from its category.” “It’s also a comprehensive health and fitness device.” Apple watch sports a rectangular retina display it comes in two sizes 42mm and 38mm (measured along diagonal). The apple watch will have the force touch technology that senses and acts according the force with which you touch the screen. Apple has got the new Digital Crown for easy navigation on a small device. With the new rotary digital crown you can easily scroll faster through lists and t helps you to easily zoom in and zoom out.

You can wear this watch for fashion and do a lot other activities. You will get many watchfaces that can be customizable, you can text your friends with customizable emoji and with gestures. You can talk with the inbuilt speaker or transfer the call to our iPhone. You can also enjoy viewing the photos with the photoapp. The watch has got maps with navigation which helps you find your way in a easy and safe manner. You’ll receive notifications for incoming mail, messages, and calls and you can answer or dismiss them instantly. You get to know your meeting schedules. You also get the notification center to view all notifications that you have missed.

This watch is also a fitness device as claimed by Mr Tim Cook. There are a few apps on the Watch in which will track your activities and guide you to a healthier life. On the back the watch has got a specially designed sensor that uses infrared and visible-light LEDs and photodiodes to detect your heart rate. The Watch uses this sensor, along with an accelerometer and the GPS and Wi‑Fi in your iPhone, to measure all kinds of physical activities you do .

The apple watch comes with Siri. This makes your work more easier than ever . You can simply raise your wrist and say Hey, Siri, or press and hold the Digital Crown to dictate messages, you can get turn-by-turn directions and reach your destination. Siri also lets you know all the events you have.  You can even pay with Apple Watch by double-clicking the button next to the Digital Crown and hold your wrist up to the contactless reader and you are done. Apple claims that watch’s battery will last for a whole day and it can be charged using magsafe and inductive charging technology.

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