The New Powerbank POP All Set to power up your Device

Today Smartphone technology has reached the next generation, yet we depend on the battery life limitations. The present day technology though has become capable to extend the battery life to some extent, but is not fully capable to help us drive the battery life of our Smartphones for a considerably prolonged period. Hence, in the present scenario, the battery efficiency makes our devices immobile. Most of the smartphones still have to be charged at least once a day.

powrebank pop

But nowadays, we have many alternate solutions to this issue. No More we have to carry our chargers everywhere we move. Rather some powering sources called the POwerbanks are available to make your device charged in case it runs out of battery. POP is one such solution which will ease your battery issues to many extent. Though it’s a powerbank like that of the other traditional power banks, but it’s functionality is quite different. POP actually is a portable battery pack that sticks to the back of your iPhone or Smartphone and makes your device powered up.

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A flexible wire connects it to your micro USB port. But there is a tricky part, your phone’s charging port needs to be at the bottom side, in the middle so that you can properly connect it to the POP. Else your battery will be placed in a wrong position and you will end up doing something annoying. Inside the POP you will find an 1,800 mAh Samsung Galaxy S2 battery, which can be removed easily. It means that you can carry a number of batteries and put them into use when required. Besides, you can directly plug in your micro micro USB charger to the POP which will also juice up your device.

Using the POP is quite easy and reasonable too? It will not cost much to your pocket. You can get the POP right at $15 without the battery. And with the 1,800 mAh certified battery it will cost you as low as $22. If you want multiple batteries you can choose between other available options. And undoubtedly, it’s not a bad price to grab such a useful product. So, what’s your dick? Are you going for it? Do drop a line or two in our comment section below.

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