The LG V20 can now be unlocked in the USA via official bootloader Unlock tool

If you want to install a custom Rom, the first thing you need to know is unlocking your device’s bootloader. And there are a few Android smartphone manufacturers provide official ways to unlock their bootloaders, especially in the US. Great news for LG users, the company has added support for the LG V20 model (the latest LG model) to its official bootloader unlock tool for phones. The supported version has the model number US996.USA, that means this unlock tool is currently only for the US open market.

So if you are owning a LG V20, you can do the bootloader unlocking route. But you need to keep in mind that doing this will cause the warranty loss as well as you can never re-lock the bootloader – once the unlocking is finished as it’s valid forever. Moreover, this could also affect the functions of certain services relying on DRM protection such as offering music and movie download or streaming. Besides, if you decide to unlock bootloader, remember to backup all your data first as doing this might get deleted.

To refresh your memory, LG V20 sports two amazing screens and excellent three cameras. The device flaunts a main 5.7-inch display with QuadHD resolution and a secondary display for launching apps, displaying notifications and toggling quick settings. V20 packs a Snapdragon 820 quad core processor inside accompanying with 4GB of RAM, 64GB of internal storage and a dual camera setup on the back, which allow you to capture a more panoramic view of things through the secondary wide-angle camera.

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The V20 is just the fourth device, which LG supports the official bootloader unlocking tool, so this can be considered big efforts for its developer. The first support tool is for the V10 in Europe (except France), the G5 for Europe, and then the G4 for Europe.

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