The idea of Watching New Released Movies from Home; Soon to turn Reality!

Wow! That’s just awesome. What can be more comfortable than sitting on your own Home Sofa and watching the newly released movies at your own leisure and luxury on the same day that movies are played on their premiere show! Had you ever thought of any such idea! Even if thought, then you would have scarce dreamt of turning it into reality. Right? But you will be happy to know that it’s now more just a thought now. It’s going to be a reality soon as famous entrepreneur Sean Parker has secretly developed a service called Screening Room to give this idea a realistic touch.


Reportedly, the famous company is in talk right now with the Hollywood studios to procure rights of the newly coming movies. Of course the price can be a barrier between the dream and reality as it’s going to be bit expensive. As per the revelations made by the Media, this new Screening Room service by Parker will allow the users in the United States to watch the newly released movie from the comfort of their home on the same day only when the movie hits the theaters for the premiere show. But for that the users have to spend a sum of $50 (INR 3,350) for a single movie which is undoubtedly too costly. $20 out of $50 will go to the theatrical distributors, as per the reports.

Well, for some this seems to be a welcoming idea as a number of Hollywood giants and reputed studios like the Sony, AMC, Universal and Fox have shown immense interest on this new step taken by Sean Parker. What’s the other important factor that stimulates this idea is the improvised anti-piracy technology that would prevent all plagiarism efforts like making a copy of the movie while it’s being played. Within the given price, every user will be allowed only for 48 hours to watch the movie.

However, some also are found going against this idea as they think this idea might make end to half a theaters in the country and definitely this is not good for the Hollywood industry. But if it’s really accepted or not will only be seen once this idea is put into function. But what you think guys? Is it really a good idea? Forget not to share your views.

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