The Garmin Fenix 3 Smartwatch Introduced; Keeps you Fit and Healthy

Fenix 3 Smartwatch

In this triathlete fantasy world, let me introduce Garmin Fenix 3. From triathletes point of view it has all the right stuff to meet your demands. However, think what if you are not a hardcore athlete? What if you are like me? I am just an active guy and always want to stay fit. As a Regular Active Guy, let me explain the ways a Fenix 3 Smartwatch can assist you to maintain your everyday healthy lifestyle. There are lots of interesting features in it, which I think most of the people will love to utilize in their everyday life.

Daily Tracking of Your Activity

You can easily track some basic bio data such as steps, sleep patterns, heart rate, and estimated calorie burn while you run, bike or swim. The calculated data get synchronize to your computer or your smartphone so that you can analyze it. After analyzing the data, you can take your own decisions more accurately.

Explore Routes Without Getting Lost

The Fenix 3 Smartwatch is lashed with Super-accurate GPS and that to with compass, altimeter and barometer, guiding right on runs, climbs, rides, trails or hikes. Plan your routes with free Basecamp software or buy maps or upload your own tracks. You can easily record your progress while you navigate. Your path which you took can be reversed so that you can be guided back the way you came.

Track Your Run

This Fenix 3 device simply tracks a number of informative ‘running dynamics’ that to without a heart rate band. All these tracking are done at right at your wrist. Note your heart rate, steps per minute, contact time with ground, balance with left and right side of body, and how high you are able to bounce off the ground.

An absolute Guide for workouts 

Download pre-programmed workouts or create your own custom ones. The Smartwatch guides you with simple steps without any complicated process. Just set your own training targets according to distance, speed and time. Real-time progress feedback helps you to complete your target.

Customize Your Own Way

Get different data fields and some basic display themes on device. Download apps and widgets as per your need. For instance there is a golf rangefinder app, a speedometer, gym timer, atlas and many more the which ones you can download and install on your device to meet the various needs. These smart features in the watch make it really a worthy device.

This ‘Multisport GPS Smartwatch’ is very much stylish and attractive. You can confidently wear this smart watch on your work or even on your date. It does not look like a fitness bracelet on your wrist. In my opinion just take a look and the rest is upto you. Do not forget to drop a line in our comment sections below.

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