The Facebook CEO plans for his first ‘Live Q&A’ Session on June 14

Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook CEO is a big name in the global Social Media community. The FB Mastermind has already achieved a lot in life in just 32 years and looks forward to bring his users the best Social Media experienece ever in the coming days. As a major step towards the attempt, the Facebook CEO has recently started new Live platform on Facebook and the techno giant is investing a lot to make it a successful venture. In the last few days, Facebook has added many new features and the facebook Live is supposed to be a welcoming step for the uses.

As a successful experiment on Facebook Live, the Facebook CEO has just recently completed a succesful Live chat with the ISS astronauts using this platform and to make his experiments more successful, he has decideded to udergo a “Live Q&A” session on Facebook Live the next Tuesday, June 14. Before Mark Zuckerberg has attended many a “Q&A Sessions,” but this will be his first “Live Q&A” session. Announcing about this Live Session on a Facebook post Zuckerberg said that the Q&A Session powered by Facebook Live will be quite different than other physical live sessions as this medium will be more interactive.

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Mentioning the topics for this discussion, Zuckerberg said the topics will be purely of User’s interest such as “connecting the world, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, live video, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and more.” Zuckerberg has also found a way for this Q&A Session. Users who want to ask him questions need to leave those on Facebook posts and the once highest voted will be answered by Zuckerberg  in the Live session. The Facebook live Session is scheduled for 11:30am PT on Tuesday (12am IST on Wednesday).

So if you are a user of Facebook and want to put your query for Mark Zuckerberg, then without wasting time start posting your questions on Facebook posts. Who knows, your question might get voted more!

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