The Best Deals To Get A Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung has just released its final flagship in this year, named Galaxy Note 8 and it is now available for pre-order in the US. If you make a preorder right now, the device will be delivered to you by September 15,while those who pre-order by September 24 will bonus a Gear 360 camera or a 128 GB Micro SD EVO+ flash memory card and Samsung Convertible Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand, but it depends on where u make the order. Here are places in order to get the best deal.

Although the lowest price comes from T-Mobile ($930) in all of carriers, the others also offer different financing options that might appeal to you. The unlocked version from Samsung or Best Buy is now available for $929.99. Target and Walmart will go on sale the Note 8, but pre-orders have not been available on their website. You can check out the best deals below.


Verizon is selling the Galaxy Note 8 for $960, or you can choose the plan: $40 per month for 24 months. However, there’s a one-time activation fee of $30.


For AT&T carrier, the Galaxy Note 8 is now available at $949.99, or you can choose the plan $31.67 per month for 30 months in contract.


The full retail price for unlocked version of Galaxy Note 8 from Sprint carrier is at $960, with a number of leasing options. You can choose the plan of $40 per month for 18 months. If you switch to Sprint, you will save 50% on a Sprint Flex Lease with new line activation and only pay $20 per month in 18 months. You can also upgrade the phone after 12 months if you like.


T-Mobile is offering the Galaxy Note 8 with a low price of $930. You can also grab it for only $210, but needing to join in the $30 per month with the Equipment Installment Plan. Or you can get it for $0 down by paying $39 per month on the JUMP! on Demand lease.

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Samsung is selling an unlocked version of Note 8 for only $929.99, or there’s another option to choose Samsung Financing plan for $38.75 per month for 24 months.

Best Buy

Best Buy is selling the unlocked Note 8 for only $929.99, but you can choose 24 month plan with a My Best Buy credit card.

These are the best deals to get the Galaxy Note 8. But you should take service prices and fees into account before purchasing from a carrier. If you decide to make a pre-order a Note 8, let us know in the comments.


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