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5 Best Android Emulators For Windows

Android emulator is software that is used to run the Android apps on a computer. You will be able to games and use mobile apps directly on your computer as you do it on your smartphone. These emulators provide more fun and entertainment as you can play games on a bigger screen.

Top 5 Free WiFi Hotspot Software For Windows

Many of you here might not know when you need a virtual Wifi router. Fortunately, our Windows computer can turn into a virtual Wi-Fi router for free. With only a Wi-Fi Hotspot software, you will be able to easily create a Hotspot on your Windows computer. Here are five best Wifi Hotspot

HOW TO: Install Unsigned Drivers in 64-bit Windows

Are you stuck with a recovery/flashing process because the tool doesn’t work for you? Or you’re trying out a new development board but your computer won’t see it. Or just that the driver for that nifty dongle you bought from Amazon won’t install. Chances are you’re trying to install an unsigned driver

Five “awesome” Windows Explorer Tricks that You Weren’t Even Aware of

Windows is filled with nifty tricks. Some very powerful tricks. And some of them are so concealed that you might very well have missed them. Check out. Open command window here Of course, windows is all GUI, who speaks about terminals man. Well, not so. Command line is a magic in itself.

Windows Shell Commands You Must Know

Though we live in the GUI world, surrounded by icons and cursors all the way in our computers. There still remains a legacy interface intact and well maintained. As many of you would have probably guessed, we are talking about the CUI or Shell interface, or perhaps “Command Prompt” as you might

How To Run Windows Applications In Non-Windows Platforms

Sitting behind a mac or a Linux and missing your favourite indie titles? Or you’re just tired of rebooting for a simple task to be done? Well, there’s a program called “Wine” that does this job for you. Have a look.