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How To Install Instagram ++ On Your Non-Jailbreak iPhone

Along with Facebook, WhatsApp or Snapchats, Instagram is also one of the most popular social media networks, which you can share your photos & videos, or send messages to friends, or upload your stories on the newsfeed. Although comes with the attractive features, it still lacks some of the great features, which

How to Check if iPhone is Unlocked or Locked

As you know, the unlocked iPhones will support the sim card of any network carrier. But you might sometimes feel confused when holding an iPhone as a glimpse does not inform that the sim is compatible or not. So, that’s why you should read the post below to know how to check

How To Check Block and Unlock Status Online Of Your iPhone

Many iOS users wonder if their IMEI is clean for activation or not. It’s great as there is now a simple way to do this. So, today we are going to share with you how to use the Sprint IMEI Checker tool to check the IMEI number of your iPhone. How to

How To Fix FaceTime Waiting for Activation Error On iOS 11/10

The FaceTime Waiting for Activation error is one ò the most popular issues in iOS devices that causes a lot of pain to its users all over the world. Although the issue might happen regularly during the daily use, there are literally dozens of methods to fix this error and there are

How to Connect Android Smartwatch to iPhone

To serve for iPhones and iPads, Apple has launched Apple watches so that they can have access to all of the notifications on your iPhone without using it. Such watches are very helpful for those who work in the places that they cannot use your iPhones, but are still able to track

How To Install Deezer++ On iPhone Without Jailbreak

Deezer is a quite popular music with millions of songs and soundtracks. Similarly to other music apps, you can listen to any soundtracks at anytime and anywhere. One of the most great benefits of Deezer is that you can listen to millions of tracks for free. So if you are a music

Steps to Play YouTube Videos in Background on iOS 10

After you updated your iOS device to iOS 10, the YouTube background playback stopped working. You have looked for the cause, and the fixes, but there is not effective. However, we now find a solution to help you fix this issue. All of us know that it’s now impossible to listen to

How To Fix Your iPhone Stuck on ‘Waiting For Changes To Be Applied’ On iTunes

You have tried to sync your iPhone/ iPad with iTunes, but a “waiting for the changes to the applied” message suddenly displayed on the screen. You waited for several minutes but it did not disappear, and your device is stuck in that message. There are several reasons causing this message for your

How to Fix iMessage Not Syncing Between Apple Watch and iPhone

Many users like to synchronize their iPhone, MacBook or Apple Watch by using the same Apple ID and password. It allows the devices to collect shareable data from other devices. For example, when setting up an Apple Watch, many of you would like to install the apps from your iPhone to your