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How To Fix Bluetooth Issues On iPhone X

Although iPhone X is a very great smartphone from Apple and it’s worth using, some iPhone X users have been complaining about the Bluetooth issues on their device. Here are the common methods to fix the Bluetooth connectivity issues on your iPhone X. If you get an unstable Bluetooth connection, you will

How To Fix Random Restarts Issues On iPhone X

iPhone X is the latest flagships from Apple that is currently the hottest smartphone in the stores. It delivers a unique & great design as well as an excellent performance. However, bugs have not spared the phone and some iPhone X users have started complaining about iPhone X random restarts. It’s not

How to Fix ‘Could not activate iPhone X” Error

There are some reasons you could see a “Could not activate iPhone X” error when setting up your new iPhone X. So in this post, we’ll be with you to find out the causes of the activation error, as well as the potential fixes to help you set up your iPhone successfully.

How To Trade Your Current iPhone For iPhone X

Although iPhone X, the most expectable phone this year is not yet to hit the market, many Apple fans are ready to buy it. However, the price tag is the biggest barrier for many of us. So, if you already have an iPhone, it’s good time to trade your iPhone for an