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Best Alternative Google Play Store Apps

Google Play Store is usually the great place to download apps and games for Android, but it’s not the only one. Although Google does not allow other apps stores to stay within Google Play itself, that doesn’t mean they cannot be installed on your Android phone. Here are top five app store

How To Fix “Google Play authentication is required” Error

The “Google Play authentication is required” error is a very common problem on Android phones. However, the good news is that the problem can now easily be fixed. In this post, we’ll show you how to fix this Google Play authentication error with your Play Store. Remove your Google account The error

Genius App gives you live lyrics no matter what song you listen

Well, if you are an Android handset user, then we have an app which will bring fultoo entertainment package for you. Guess what! It’s the Genius App that is enriched with the technique to display song lyrics, no matter what song you listen. And what’s more interesting in it is that you don’t have to

Star Wars available for pre-order with Sound Track

Well, if you are from the United States, then must be understanding what we mean when we say about the Star Wars. Yes, it’s the great Star Wars movie that went on floors the previous day to rave reviews. Finally, the movie hit the theaters yesterday putting check on all assumptions regarding vulnerability of the

Nexus 5 Makes Public Appearance for Fraction of Seconds in Google Play Store

Nexus 5, the much talked about Smartphone from Google did make a timely appearance of late in the Play Store and turned the centre of attraction for all. And we are sure that those who have not seen the device in Play Store would be going crazy for the same. But we