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7 easy steps to set up a new MacBook Pro

The new MacBook Pro has an exclusive design and impressive features like Touch Bar, the MBP deserves all the accolades. And setting up a new Mac is not difficult. However, if you have just switched from Windows to macOS, it moght not be straightforward for you. Here are 7 easy steps to

iPhone SE scheduled for March 21 release, Apple to organize a special launch event

Well Apple, Apple, Apple! The word Apple itself is the brand name for many users across who don’t know anything except Apple. I mean, you ask them about Smartphones and they will start talking only about Apple. And you know well why the Cupertino-based giant is the beloved of many. The last segment

Get the most out of your Apple Watch with these tips and tricks

Got the premium Apple watch and feel it’s just a watch with smart-ish capabilities? People cry aloud saying the Apple Watch doesn’t do enough yet. Yes, it a simple, feature-free Apple offering. But, we are afraid you are wrong. Behind the simple looks it hides oodles of potential. Lots of little optimizations

The new smart watch from Apple at $349

The all new Apple Watch is not only a gadget for tech enthusiasts as it has the got stylish fashionable looks that will catch everyone’s eye.  Apple watch will hit the stores in early 2015 so you have to wait a little longer to own it. The watch will be offered in

How To Run Windows Applications In Non-Windows Platforms

Sitting behind a mac or a Linux and missing your favourite indie titles? Or you’re just tired of rebooting for a simple task to be done? Well, there’s a program called “Wine” that does this job for you. Have a look.

Apple Rolls Out Retina iPad Mini & iPad Air in India

Before we had informed you about the global launch of the two Apple products iPad Air & Retina iPad Mini in the global market. Now the leading Techno giant has gone a step ahead introducing the duo devices in the Indian market. Of course, the techno major has not officially launched the

Apple’s Buyback Scheme, Exchange your old Smartphone with iPhone 5C or iPhone 4S for at least Rs. 13,000

Before, we have seen varied Smartphone manufacturers introducing several schemes or executing numerous methods to enhance the sale of their Smartphone devices in markets. The discount or offer percentage grows little more when matter comes to developing markets like India. And when we consider Apple, one of the most expensive and intensive

iPad Air All Set to Hit At&T and Sprint this November 1

Are you an ardent fan of iPads? Do you crave to grab an iPad in hands with awesome features? Get not worried then. Just wait a few days and you will have a mouth-watering new generation iPad from Apple in your hands. Do you we sound absurd? Not exactly. The sources reveal