Swype Android Keyboard v1.6 Launched, Available for Download at Play Store & Amazon

Since the day Andorid has made entry into the world of Smartphones, somehow meaning of Smartphone usage has changed. While today we hardly witness any Smartphone hitting the customers devoid of any Android OS, conversely popularity for the Android apps is fast emerging among the users. You can better conjecture the fact having taken an intense look into the subject matter of our sayings.

Swype Android keyboard

However, the important thing we wanted to share with you is the Android KeyBoard. You know how much popular the Android Keyboards are in the present day scenario. Just a couple of days ago, we had seen a popular Android Keyboard Swiftkey was officially made available in the Google Play Store for download, after the app existed a long time in the beta version. Exactly, another popular Android Keyboard Swype has come up with some latest improvements and augmented features for the users.

The Swype Keyboard was previously released by the popular firm Nuance Communications and recently the company announced that the Keyboard has been updated with numerous augmented features. The developed version 1.6 is now officially available in the Google Play Store and Amazon’s App Store for Android, to download. While previous version of the Swype Keyboard already supported four languages   English, Hindi, Hinglish (A mixture of Hindi & English) & Urdu, the updated version extends support for 4 new regional languages that include Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi and Telugu.

Among other improvised features, the Keyboard app supports the bilingual feature which assists a bilingual user to detect his preferable language automatically, supports continuous dictation that helps users to choose their required dictation language discretely from the keyboard as those are showcased on their screen as they speak. Further, updated version of the keyboard allows you to customize it as per your choice with features like long-press delay, keyboard height and mini left/right keyboards in landscape mode, vibration duration, and accessibility. The Keyboard too supports Android’s “Explore By Touch” and “Talk Back” alternatives.

Now it’s your turn to enrich your Keyboard experience with an all new, updated Android Keyboard from Nuance. So are you going for the same?

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