Stock Dailer of Google now available for other Smartphones too

Stock dialer of google

Now a days Smartphones are capable of doing many things crossing the border of just telephonic conversation. We can use these devices to send text messages, play games, browse internet, & take awesome snapshots, share experiences and tracking fitness of your body. But today We have something special for the ones who do only normal phone calls. Yes, I talk about Google’s Stock Dialer. Since the origin of Android, it has been round the corner but restricted to only Nexus devices.

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However, things have changed now and the good news is that the Stock Dialer now can be used in many other devices that include Samsung Galaxy S7, HTC, Moto X Pure, One Plus, LG G5, and many more. According to Android Police “Starting with the v2.05 replace, you’ll be able to set up Google’s model on so much different telephones too. This replace rolled out a couple of weeks in the past, however it kind of feels that individuals are nonetheless just noticing, so allow’s get this all out within the open.”

So now those who are not familiar with the extreme features of the Stock Dailer must be thinking why to install it on their devices. What special it will do? Do you also think so? Then here are the reasons to install this very application:

  • Call Blocking – To prevent the unwanted calls that you don’t want on your device, you can use this feature. Now receive only those call which you want.
  • Visual Voicemail – You can now not only check your messages via voicemail, but you can view, playback and delete it directly from the app. only. This feature is only available for users of T-Mobile USA, Project Fi, and Orange France customers.
  • Nearby Places – From the Phone search bar you can easily find the places from which a caller calls you. This app works somehow like that of the TruCaller app.
  • Caller ID – Before picking up the phone, you can now know who is calling as names of caller is displayed on the screen and their number along side.

But you must keep in mind that the Stock Dailer might not work with all older devices. The users running Android Marshmallow on their devices will have to allow to access call list, location, and calling history to use the Stock Dialer facilities on their device. This is to be done because of the new security settings introduced by the granular App Permissions.

So what you think guys? Is not it something more convenient and useful for you. Will not it make your android usage more versatile? Forget not to share your views with us.


  1. By Vikash Kumar Bhakta


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