Special Edition of Bioware’s Jade Empire arrive on Android

Finally, after a long time, Special Edition arrives on Android platform. Although Jade Empire: Special Edition is not as well-known as other RPGs of Bioware, like the Dragon Age series or Mass Effect, it is one of the best sleeper hits that the company has ever released. Jade Empire: Special Edition has now landed in the Play Store after releasing for Xbox and PC. This new game brings us the same folks like Star Wars: KOTOR and Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy. This game is the RPG with real-time combat and a mythology that’s influenced strongly by Asian lore. Besides, it also has references to European-like countries and characters in the game as well.

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According to the story, the context of Jade Empire isn’t set on Earth, but in a unique world. The game centers on a Martial Arts student, who left his school to his master, as well as the world as they discovered it. The original version of the game was first launched in 2007, and this Special Edition is a big improvement about graphics and the addition of achievements, which cannot be found in the original. There’s also the expected touch controls for smartphones, and moreover, its full support for Bluetooth Wireless controllers.


The user interface has also been redesigned to fit with the touchscreen. If you are a fan Jade Empire series, Bioware games, or RPGs in general, honestly you should not skip this one. You can own Jade Empire: Special Edition right now for $9.99 on the Google Play Store. Although that is not really cheap price, it’s actually a pretty solid price considering there is well more than 40 hours of gameplay baked into this title, and of course, Jade Empire is completely premium with no IAPs or DLC in sight.

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