Sony Launches the New RX100 II DSLR Cam

Sony, the giant tech manufacturer that had created a niche in the tech world, having introduced the sensational instant classic RX100 DSL camera the previous year has of late come up with its adorable successor, the RX100 II. The techno giant grabbed rave reviews for the handy cam since it was first to introduce the large-sensor compact cam trend for the camera lovers. And the latest one has come up augmented with some brand new features, but too maintains the specs that made it so popular.


Well, now it’s time to take a look on RX100 II, the $750 compact camera that supports a 1.0” black illuminated CMOS 20.2 megapixel sensor with f/1.8 lens and hence is best for the users to imprison the lovely moments of their life. Being so versatile in sensor, the compact Cyber-shot cam can capture every single details surrounding with an artistic approach that induces the hidden artist in you. Besides, the CMOS sensor assists the user to grab crystal clear sound in both low noise and high sensitivity sound conditions.

Though resemble a lot to the original camera in formation, yet the RX100 II is slightly thicker with sample lines and matte black. The device looks quite glossy with its black metal design and is absolutely flat on top, apart from the hot-shoe. And the thickness you find in the camera is a real cause of the tilting LCD, an approachable merge that some might use often and some never. However, the feature might be proved an efficient attempt if utilized properly, since it will assist the users to imprison some more better crystal clear shots.

Well, it’s obvious that the camera is a giant merge of updated specs and features. But definitely it’s a hard task to manage the voracious control section of the DSLR. Having a detailed look on the varied specs and features makes it evident. Since the camera holds 1″-type  Exmor-R BSI-CMOS sensor (13.2 x 8.8mm, 3:2 aspect ratio) with 20.2 million pixels density, hence of course it makes your cam experience all the more tilting and noteworthy. But its Steady-Shot image stabilization feature assists you  to imprison crystal clear images with qualitative standby. Apart, the device supports the NFC-mediated Wi-Fi feature which helps you to get connected to your Smartphone easily and allows you to manage the whole task of the camera starting from its shutter release to capture images instantly via WiFi.

Besides, the camera comes with enriched video features since the device bears the capacity to capture 1080p footage at 24 frames per second. Among other specified features, the camera supports 10fps continuous shooting in ‘Speed Priority’ mode, rear control dial and customizable front control ring, 13 Picture Effects with 27 variations, tilting 3″ 1.2M-dot ‘WhiteMagic’ LCD screen, built-in stereo microphones and 330-shot battery life etc. that makes the cam so special for the users. It also features a Multi-Terminal socket to attach a wired remote , which is keenly used by the RX100 users to modify their cameras. The company has also taken all care to add a magnetic mount for a filter adapter and a distinctly Richard Franiec-esque glue-on hand grip that makes the camera quite handy and terrific.

Well, an overall hands-on of the camera makes us realize that perhaps its going to create the same or even more sensation among the users with the all new improvised and enriched RX100 II. But, yet it’s to be seen how much our estimation does hit the reality!

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