Snapdeal launches India’s First Free One Day Delivery Service with Footsteps at Delhi

Snapdeal, the other leading and one of the most trustful online retailers in India has just debuted its fail-safe one day delivery approach “Express Delivery” which will be first made available only in the Delhi-NCR i.e. Gurgaon & Delhi basically and will soon be expanded to other cities like Mumbai and Bangalore. However, the service will not be so broad initially like the other online retailers and hence will only be applied on certain products that will be clearly mentioned in the official website. For the time, the shipping will be absolutely free and the products will be delivered to the customers on the same day only.

Snapdeal Express Delivery

Well, Snapdeal is not the only online retailer to have introduced this shopping feature, since two of its biggest rivals FlickCart and Amazon have already introduced the feature and are providing the service in multiple cities. But their service delays a little with the next-day delivery option if the order is placed in the evening. However, the same day delivery option is also available in both the services, but while it costs Rs.90 per item in Flipkart, the shipping rate is Rs.99 in Amazon per product. The products ordered at Flipkart before 6PM is delivered in the next business day where as the delivery duration sustains in Amazon till midnight in Mumbai and Pune and 3pm in all other cities of the country.

Amazon India, the largest online retailer in the country was the pioneer of the one-day service option that debuted its service in the First Week of December and right now serving in six cities whereas Flipkart initiated the service in the second week of December following the footsteps of Amazon and right now providing its service in seven cities of India. So, of course we can say that rival of these biggest retailers is the gain and ease of thousands of customers.

Flashing light on the motto of this one day guaranteed service, VP- Supply Chain Operations at Snapdeal  Mr. Saurabh Goyal said that motto behind this service is to provide the customers with the widest variety of goods and service and that within the confined duration. This we think of course will bring customer satisfaction and will help the retailer expand its customer reach.

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