Smartphone Users can now help to cure Cancer

Dear Smartphone users, now it’s time to contribute for a noble cause. Just imagine your smartphones helping empower cancer research as you hit the sack by using the free power from your smartphone! Yes, it’s true indeed. Vodafone Foundation and Garvan Institute of Australia have joined hands together to create a supercomputer for a worthy cause of helping cure cancer.

The Dreamlab Smartphone app is launched to fulfill this purpose. To participate, the smartphone users just have to download this free Android app from the Google Play Store and make sure your phone is being charged.

Just choose the type of cancer research you want to support, whether breast, prostate, ovarian or pancreatic cancer and nominate the amount of mobile network or Wi-Fi data you’d like to donate. That’s all! Your much loved Android smartphones will contribute a little while you sleep, to a big cause at the Garvan Institute.

Users will have to nominate how much to donate via your mobile network (50MB, 250MB or 500MB per month) or Wi-Fi network (250MB, 500MB,or 1GB a month). The initial goal is to see 1000,000 smartphone users power up the Dreamlab and the free processing power will help scientists at the Garvan Institute to process cancer data about 3,000 times faster than that they are currently able to.

Expressing his views on the new Cancer App, Samantha Oakes, head of the breast cancer unit at the Garvan Institute of Medical Reaearch said in a statement, “We now have a tremendous opportunity to put them to good use and help find a cure for cancer. Together, we can come to a greater understanding of how to treat it more swiftly.”

“With the help of game-changing innovations like Dreamlab, I am hopeful that we will see cures of certain types of cancer in our lifetime,” Oakess added.

Designed by B2Cloud, Dreamlab is initially available for download on Android with plans already underway for the launch on iOS that has been built to transform any smartphone into a supercomputer as claimed by Vodafone. If you are on Vodafone’s service in Australia, then you won’t be charged for data transmitted through the app.

So, smartphone users what to wait for! Just move ahead and download the Dreamlab app and donate for something worthy while you sleep.

N:B – Don’t forget to keep your valuable smartphones on charging while to hit the sack !

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