Skype Group Video Calling feature rolled to Android and iOS

Skype as you know is one of the most favorite ways of many to undergo a video conference and basically we have found this feature being used by people involved in business or any international affairs. While before Skype had kept only a single way video conference for its Common users, now it has moved a step ahead introducing the Group Video Calling feature for users. So now the users can accompany their friends and family in a single video call so that all will get the opportunity to talk and confront.

Of course this Group Video Calling feature was available in Skype before. But only for the Users who opted Skype for Business. But now this feature will be available to all. By the way Skype has already introduced this feature for Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobiles the previous month. But at that time the firm had declared the feature to get rolled in coming weeks. Finally, the day has come and now the Group Video Calling Feature has been rolled to the Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. It will take little more time for the Windows Mobile users.

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The feature at this moment is only restricted to the Western Europe and North America region, but soon it will be rolled to the other corners of the globe. In fact, the company plans to make this feature available globally within a month. Now the users can make full-screen HD Video calling and the feature is optimized for the devices that the callers use. The person who initiate the Video calling will be placed in the front and Center. Apart, the Company has integrated the official SILK Super Wide Band audio codec in the feature so that you can hear crystal clear voice while undergoing a video call. And to enable this feature, they have taken help from Intel.

Besides, you as a user also allowed to choose from either Grid View or Focus View while taking a video call. In both the views, Skype automatically focuses on the active speaker. The Callers also can opt the participant that they want to “Pin” at that moment. So if you are a Skype user residing in Western Europe and North America region, then you can share your experience with us.

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