Send Money via Text Massages through Google Wallet!

Well, the Google Wallet concept is not of course new to the Android lovers as many of them might already be using the App. But Android lovers who have still date not undergone the benefits of the Google Wallet, we would suggest them to take it a trial at least. While the Google Wallet has already many existing features, one new feature has just of late added to it. Guess what! Now you can send money within minutes via text message using the Google Wallet. Isn’t it great? Definitely, because what can be more convenient than sending & receiving money over text messaging!

Google Commerce, the Commercial wing of Google lately announced the news revealing that the new update of the Google Wallet App will allow you to make payment to someone with the least information, the phone number. It doesn’t matter if you have any other info of the person who you want to send money. What you have to do in all is to enter the Phone number of the person who you want to send money, enter the amount and Google Wallet will do rest of the work. Once you send the amount, the receiver will receive a massage with a secure link and once the receiver enters his debit card number, the money will automatically credited to his account within few minutes.

Facebook had also introduced an equally potential means to send and receive money using the instant messaging system in Messenger, few days ago. But the medium was commented to be risky by many a users who assumed that the cyber criminal might make it a way to steal money from bank accounts. However, there is no such report concerning the security reasons since the feature was debuted in March. Seems, soon the Smartphones are going to be the primary medium for many a users to share money in future.

So if you are also interested to test the Google Wallet App, then download it here right now. Also let’s know for sure if you think that it can create any security concern in future.

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