Samsung to Launch Galaxy S5 by April with Finger Print & Irish Scanner

Before we had reported you on the ongoing speculations on Samsung Galaxy S4’s forthcoming successor the Galaxy S5 which was on news for integrating a finger print scanner like Apple’s iPhone S5 and now we hear if the device is also about to carry an Irish scanner not only to stand a stern contender to Apple but to throw it out of the competition. The news was confirmed by the Executive VP of Mobile business at Samsung, Mrs. Lee young Hee who also ensured that the latest flagship will hit the markets in April this year.

samsung galaxy s5

With this Lee to put check to all speculation that were going on behind regarding the device being showcased at the Mobile World Congress, scheduled to be held at Barcelona the following month. Integration of an Irish Scanner in the latest flagship is though plotted to take over iPhone S5, still the VP creates a dilemma saying that Galaxy S5 might not be the first device to debut the scanner, since the company is exploring its options. That means we might even see the Irish Scanner being debuted with any other devices that are supposed to hit the market prior to the launch of S5.

Well, you might wonder what special features you will experience in the successor of Galaxy S4 since there was scarce difference between the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4. Then we must say you that Samsung has taken the fact into consideration and has stressed this time but specifically on the design and outlook of the device. To make the device look attractive the company has implemented the funda “back to the basic” that ultimately results in improvising the display and cover of the device so that it will look more attractive and will assist the company strengthening its hold on market share.

Revealing the purpose of using such advanced technologies in the upcoming Smartphones Mrs. Lee said that the devices aim at providing more professional services to consumers who don’t mind to invest little more for their handsets. Apart, Lee ensures that a wearable device is also going to make its premiere with the Galaxy S5 which will reduce the bulkiness of health, thereby functioning as a health-oriented device. Here you can have a further look on the varied features and specs of the forthcoming flagship from Samsung, the Galaxy S5.

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