Samsung Gear S3 watches to launch in the US on Nov 18

gear-s3After the big success of Samsung’s Gear S2, the round smart watch with its rotating bezel subjugated tech lovers and analog watch fans alike with its sleek design. This year, Samsung is coming back with the duo Gear S3 Classic and Gear S3 Frontier, two traditional smart watches with classic Swiss design elements in the U.S. starting November 18, with pre-orders is available on November 6.

The duo smart watches of Samsung will be much bigger than their predecessors, Gear S2, with 46mm cases, an AMOLED 1.3-inch display and nearly 13 mm thickness. Both smart watches will also have IP68 water resistant, and especially the Frontier is constructed for extra ruggedness. That also means Gear S3 isn’t a “sporty” design option anymore, so your choice will be last-year’s Gear S2, which still remains on sale and get the new Gear S3 software experience.

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That new software experience will allow you to do more on the watches, emphasizing the twisting bezel instead of direct tapping on the display as before their predecessors. The duo Gear S3 will be also equipped GPS, as well as more RAM and larger battery capacity, promising a longer life battery than previous models. Moreover, the Gear S3s also incorporate Samsung Pay functionality, which includes the Samsung-exclusive MST tech so that users can use the watch on traditional card swipe payment terminals.

The price for for the Classic, Frontier (Special Frontier LTE version) is still a secret, but the lowest will set you back $349, the same starting price as the Gear S2 Classic last year.

Samsung has not announced individual retail partnerships yet, but you can still expect Samsung’s store and a wide variety of stores to carry the Gear S3 Classic and Frontier like last year’s Gear S2 model.


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