Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Problems & Fixes

The Galaxy Note 8 marked a triumphant return for Samsung after the complete failure of the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7. Although it is a great flagship, that does not mean it’s not without any problems. We’ve already rounded up all the issues related this device, as well as its potential solutions.

Audio Cuts Off

The Note 8 users in Samsung’s Community Forum have recently reported that they faced the audio issues with its Galaxy Note 8 sound/audio suddenly cuts off randomly when they are listening to music, watching YouTube’s videos and playing games.

This issue seems to affect the sound coming out of the speakers, not relating to the audio from headphones. It’s said that the audio issues comes from the loose wiring. But if you make some pressure above the speakers, the audio will then return.


Samsung has responded that the issue happens due to the software bug and users are recommended to boot the device in safe mode and then check the audio usage again. But this method did not fix the problem completely.

There is a recent fix for the issue that is enabling Prevent USB audio. To do so, enable the developer options, scroll down to Media and enable the Prevent USB audio routing. This apparently solved the audio issue on the Galaxy S8/ S8 Plus and might work for the Note 8 as well.

You can also test the speakers of your Note 8 in the safe menu, by launching phone’s dialer and type *#0*#

Your Note 8 Restarts Itself

Some Note 8 users on the Samsung Community forum have reported that their Note 8 keeps restarting frequently. Although they tried a fix when performing a factory reset, the problem then appears again just after a few hours. Some suggestions are rebooting the device to fix this issue, but the phone will even not turn back on again.

Until now, the company has not confirmed about this issue, but the issue might relate to the microSD card. Some users said that they saw a “Transfer files to SD card” notification after their phone rebooted.

Samsung has advised the affected customers to send in their devices for repair, or exchange. However, there is no official statement from the company for this problem. Hopefully, the problem can be fixed just by a software update.

Oversensitive Home Button

A few Note 8 owners have also complained that the home button on their device is being malfunctioned. After locking the device, it starts to vibrate and then turns the screen on. According to some discussion on XDA forum, the problem seems to be related to the sensitivity settings of the home button. To fix the issue, you should adjust the sensitivity of the home button on your Note 8

  • Go to App > Settings > Navigation bar and locate Home button sensitivity. From there, drag the slider to your desired place.

Wi-Fi Disconnects & Reconnects

Another common issue on Note 8 is that the Wi-Fi connection keeps on dropping. Although it’s suggested to try out different Wi-Fi frequencies but the problem still persisted, including 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz signals.

The Wi-Fi issue can be acknowledged by various carries. If your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the global version, you will receive the patch directly from Samsung. Otherwise you need to wait for your carrier to release the patch for this problem.

Fingerprint Scanner Not Sensing Finger

The Note 8 fingerprint scanner might be causing various issues. The main problem comes from that the fingerprint scanner can’t always recognize the gestures or fingerprints. Some users have complained that the fingerprint scanner on their Note 8 refused to read their saved fingerprints.

A temporary fix is performing a quick reboot, though the issue of the fingerprint scanner can come up again. You can also to Settings > About Phone > Check For Update. If there is any update, click on it to start the update to fix the issue.

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Samsung Pay Freezes Phone

Samsung Pay apparently comes with a bug causing it to freeze up your Note 8. This issue happens between two actions: swiping to unlock the display and showing your preferred card.  That time, you need a soft reset to fix the issue.

Uninstalling and then reinstalling Samsung Pay cannot fix this issue. The root of this issue might be that Samsung Pay registers the “swipe to unlock” gesture incorrectly. Several users in the forum recommend removing the current card to fix the issues, though doing this will limit the usefulness of the Samsung Pay app.

The Iris Sensor Not Responding

Multiple reports have surfaced an error with the iris sensor of the Galaxy Note 8. It crops up most frequently when the users try to unlock their phone, or use Samsung Pay and Secure Folder. There will be an error message “The iris sensor is not responding. Try again later” appearing on the screen.

Samsung knows the issue, but there is no patch or fix released yet. Restarting the phone might be the only solution temporarily to fix this issue, though it will occur again in a few hours later.

Text message sound notification not working

Don’t you receive the sound notifications when getting a text message? Simply try the following solution to fix the issue:

  • Head to Settings > Apps > Messages > Notifications and then set it to Allowed. None of the other notification settings can work if it’s not turned on.
  • If this cannot help you, back up your data and do a hard reset.

Have you been facing issues with your Samsung Galaxy Note? Have you found an effective solution to them? Let’s know in the comments below.


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