Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to Hit Floors Soon: Assumptions on Rife!

News about the upcoming and much awaited phablet Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is just ruling the web world. A lot has been said about its features and specifications. It is reported that the new phablet will bring in lot of surprises with its arrival. You may expect to see some new feature, a wide display screen, and lots more.

Galaxy Note 4

According to the Korean Times, the company will launch the new phablet during the IFA 2014 in Berlin. The company is striving hard to introduce the phone by fall and keep ruling the tech world with its new release. As far as the price is concerned, you can certainly expect it be high because of the addition of new features and implementation of latest technology. If you are looking forward for a business phone, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is likely to meet your expectations.

Take a look at some of the rumored specs and features of the upcoming galaxy note 4 phablet Curved and UHD Display

This new concept of curved display is grabbing all the attention and is the new trend in the market. While the other competitive companies are still trying to implement this feature, Samsung has already been reported to introduce the Note 4 with a curved display. This is because the flexibility is better than the traditional display screen. On the other hand, the Note 4 will also sport a wide 5 inch QHD display screen that displays content at resolutions up to 3840 x 2160 pixels. This will surely grab all the paparazzi attention until it is officially announced. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for a better and flexible phablet.

Wireless charging

The long wait to charge your devices wirelessly will come to an end with the release of phablet. It is speculated that the Note 4 will allow users to charge it without the hassle of managing the wires. This certainly proves to be of great use to those who travel frequently or highly depend on their mobile devices for every little things.


The Galaxy Note 4 is expected to feature a 16 MP primary camera that will enable you to capture images of all your precious moments and create wonderful memories wherever you go. The sensitive image sensor will ensure that you get clear images even in low light areas. This will also eliminate the need of carrying a digital camera for occasions like birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, friend’s reunion, and more.

 Operating System

The Note 4 will be operating on the latest Android 4.5/5.0 Lollipop version. This will simply make multitasking more efficient and smooth. Moreover, it will allow you to access the various functions and apps with ease. The regular utilities of the phone along with great connectivity options will optimize the performance of the phablet further.

However, these are just the rumors that are seen flashing all over the web, you can wait until the company makes an official announcement and puts an end to all the speculations.

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