Samsung Galaxy F on its way: Rumors and Price

Now, this is one phone that gives you a heaven: the Samsung S5. Just when we thought the S4 was the zenith the smart phone world could receive from Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S5 popped its exquisite head and blew us away with its display and features. But as the big world out there stands with its unquenchable thirst to have something better than the current, other smart phone giants kept giving out models of great expertise and the Samsung S5 just didn’t seem that big anymore.

It, infact, seemed grim on the Samsung side with all that brilliant competition from the HTC M8, iPhone 5S and the Xperia Z2 or the LG G3 to name a few. The point where the Samsung model went weak was its display after the LG G3 came to light and its build quality: clearly, we could see how inadequately its brilliant HD display stood against the QHD offering from the LG G3 and how the build quality of Samsung Galaxy S5 gave up against most of its competitors.

Now, news is in the air that Samsung has given its next model just the makeover where its competitors beat it. Rumored to be called the ‘Galaxy F’ or the ‘Galaxy S5 Prime’, Samsung’s next model, which is being prepared in South Korea has addressed the display and build issue by coming up with a screen that is bumped up and with new chassis.

But then, there is this question if the Galaxy F and the Galaxy S5 Prime are two different models or the same one with two names and there is no answer to this one yet. They   could be two different models all together but then, it would be quite odd. So, I believe, not very confidently though, they are two names of the same model.

This mysterious high profile element is believed to be hitting the market sometime this year, probably in a couple of months. What is intriguing is the fact that with the complications in production of the QHD display, Samsung would not be able to touch many units of improvement. So, the real elements in store for this phone are a big, big mystery. However, it’s going to give the smart phone world some competition to count on.

The Galaxy F, as rumored, will have a 5.2-inch, 2,560*1,440 display, says a site. Though the QHD display can be understood as a move to face the  competition LG G3 has given, it is quite surprising since the Galaxy S5 was greatly appreciated for its amazing display. Samsung Galaxy F is expected to operate on Android 4.4 Kit Kat and at the same utilize a 64 bit processor which is similar to the Apple iPhone 5S.

Needless to say, this phone is going to be a pinch on the pocket, if at all it comes. One site claims that the phone is going to come for $880 which in Indian rupees would be 52597.6. Now that’s huge, ain’t it!

Only time will put to rest all rumors about this grand phone. Till then, we would keep all our senses active to let you know the latest developments on this.

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