Retro Winter Sports 1986 to hit Android & iOS in December

If you are grew up in the 1980s, we are sure you all remember the good old 80’s, when you were sitting with your friends in front of a Home computer, beside lemonade and cheese puffs, and pushing joystick controllers in the fierce winter sports battles. Well, that feeling will come back soon in this new game!

Being announced officially to be launched in early December, Retro Winter Sports 1986 game will let you enjoy the retro charm back on your smartphones; of course, it’s not surprised with retro-awesome graphics and a seasonable 4:3 ratio!
This new gamed was developed by the experts of The Bitfather, who also created the funny retro RPG “Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic”. Have you still remembered the great old home computer sports games? Refresh your memory with this beautiful pixelated remake of those fantastic evergreens.

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In this game, you will participate in the 1986 winter sports tournament and compete against other excellent athletes for international recognition. Six different, action-packed disciplines are waiting for you in a beautiful retro-style winter. Choose the country you want from 12 different nations.

Here are the detailed features of the upcoming game following the Headup Games:

  • There are six winter sport events: Ski Jump, Bobsled, Biathlon, Slalom, Speed, Curling, and Skating
  • You have to compete against friends (up to 8 players in seat mode) or the computer
  • Unique controls are made to fit perfectly to smartphone
  • You have choice between 12 different nations.
  • Leaderboards and achievements
  • Handcrafted code by The Bitfather, the retro behind Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic!

According to the company, the review codes of Retro Winter Sports 1986 will be available in a short time, and you can make a request to access to the game via email. If you’re a 80s kid and want to come back your childhood, we think this game is definitely worth choice for you. We’ll let you know when the game available  in the Play Store and App Store

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