RecBoot Alternative to Enter/Exit Recovery Mode

RecBoot is used by many iOS users to exit the recovery mode quickly in a few seconds. However, this method cannot be used anymore. If you have already updated your iPhone/iPad to the latest iOS version, you will see the RecBoot error and the installation process doesn’t complete. So, looking for a RecBoot alternative is the first priority.

ReiBoot- Best RecBoot Alternative

Fortunately, if you are still searching for a great RecBoot alternative, we recommend you to use ReiBoot, and especially it’s free for download. You can get the ReiBoot tool from this link ( Mac • Windows)

Cons of RecBoot

RecBoot is free to download and also works very fast, but it still comes with the minus:

  • Downloading sources are easy, but some RecBoot download links might contain viruses and malware.
  • It doesn’t support the 64-bit operating systems.
  • The old software version doesn’t work with the latest iOS 11 version.

This is why the ReiBoot tool appears a great alternative. It is currently the best iPhone reboot software, without the RecBoot’s shortcomings and allows you to easily exit the recovery mode. ReiBoot is a great tool because of the following reasons:

  • Reboot is safe to boot your iOS device into the exit recovery mode just by a click without losing data.
  • Work with all iOS versions, from iOS 7 to iOS 11 and all iOS devices, including iPhone 5 till the new iPhone X and iPod Touch and iPad models.
  • ReiBoot works well in all versions of Windows and Mac.

Besides exiting the recovery mode easily, ReiBoot supports to fix things like the deadly blue screen, unresponsive iPhone, stuck on Apple logo, etc.

How to Use ReiBoot to Exit Recovery Mode

The ReiBoot too can help you get out of the recovery mode after the jailbreak, factory reset or iOS upgrade just by one click. You should follow these steps to know how to do.

  1. First, download and install the ReiBoot on your computer. Once done, launch software and connect your device to the computer using a USB.
  2. Wait for the ReiBoot software to detect your iPhone/iPad in Recovery Mode.
  3. Select Exit Recovery Mode to reboot your stuck phone.

Your device will now reboot to normal mode and you can then use it normally without losing any data.

If stuck issues still remain, the problems might come from the hardware, all you need to do is downloading the latest firmware package and then use ReiBoot’s to repair the system.

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How to fix a stuck iPhone with ReiBoot

  1. Click on Fix All iOS Stuck.
  2. Select Download to proceed.
  3. Now, click on Start Repair. It will need a while to fix your device’s software, so you must not use your phone.

Next time, if your iPhone faces the stuck issues or randomly boots into the recovery mode, you just use best RecBoot alternative to fix everything. Let’s know in the comment if you find this software useful.

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