Protect videos on Your Android with Video Locker

Well friends, it’s quite natural that we people keep our Smartphones loaded with a number of video files, no matter those are personal or impersonal. But definitely it matters to privacy. Everyone always wants to hide these video files from others. For that either we have to encrypt our whole device or we have to set a pattern or number password to protect our files. Right? But that might also create inconvenience at times when we or our family members are using the device. In such cases, things seem ridiculous.

But today I have brought a very good news for you. Now you guys don’t have to encrypt your whole device to safeguard your videos anymore (of course if you want to safeguard your videos only). You can use a video encryption app called “Video Locker” which is specifically designed for your Android Smartphone and tablets. By using this application, you get access to the ultimate hidden gallery app for hiding videos on Android. What you have to do is just download the “Video Locker” app and install it on your device and then it starts protecting your videos from any unknown hands.

So while using the Video Locker app, you have to maintain some hierarchy. Most important is that you shouldn’t move the app to the SD Card of your device, neither you must delete the .VL folder. The app shouldn’t be used in devices running Custom ROM files. Devices running Android 4.4 KitKat and more have restricted app access to the SD card.

This app is evenly designed to protect your secret video files from your android video gallery with a secret PIN code. Let’s have a look on the varied features of this brand new app.

Features of “Video Locker” app

  • Your personal video files are moved to a secret location in your device which is accessible through a PIN only and at the same time the files are being protected by the advanced 128 bit AES encryption system which safeguards your files even if someone secretly steals your SD card and and copies the files to his PC.
  • The Video Locker App is not seen in the recent apps list and thereby is protected from uneven usage.
  • If you forget to exist the app, it’s gets automatically locked when your device sleeps.
  • The app supports folder level locking option using which you can lock individual video albums as per your requirement.
  • The Video Locker app User Interface is designed both for Android Smartphones and Tablets so that you can get the ultimate viewing pleasure in both types of Android devices.
  • The PIN Recovery feature of the Video Locker app sends a recovery PIN to your email id in case you forget the PIN to access your app and so protects your files getting lost.
  • The app is quite user friendly and allows you to hide files directly from Video Locker itself. It allows you to hide or unhide a bunch of videos at a time from within the app only.

Premium Features of Video Locker

  • The Video Locker app supports Stealth Mode which allows the app to totally disappear from the app drawer and hence there is no chance for others to know about the app. You can get access back to the app via a secret PIN code or a plain looking calculator widget.
  • You can enable the Ad-free viewing option in the premium mode.

The application is offered to you by Handy Apps and you can download it right now from official handy app website. In case of any issues with the app, you can contact me here. I shall try to provide the best possible solution for you.

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