Private Mode on Samsung Galaxy S7! Here is how to use

Samsung has added many worth features in their duo highest flagship Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, one of them is the Private mode feature that helps you maintain your privacy. If you are storing some special files, or videos in your Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge, Private mode is the solution for you to ensure all your personal things on your device will be protected and not be unveiled to others. Private mode is a feature, which is designed to hide the important files in some specific apps, like Gallery, My files, and Voice Recorder. Here is how to enable and use this smart feature.

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How to turn on Private mode:

The setup process is quite easy; you just go to the settings and make some small changes to activate a PIN code, password or pattern type.

  • Launch the Settings from your home screen
  • Next, tap on ‘Privacy & Safety’ and then select ‘private mode’.
  • Toggle the switch next to it on to activate the feature.
  • Next, tap on access type to turn on the following options, PIN, password or pattern type. If y enable you want to enable fingerprint as an option, you have to first set fingerprint and then enable the fingerprint option. That’s it.


You have now successfully activated Private mode on your device.

How to use Private mode:

Once the Private mode is set up, now here is how to use it. Private mode can now only work in three apps: Gallery, My Files, and Voice recorder. To start using the mode, follow these simple steps below:

  • Launch any of apps from Gallery, My Files, and Voice recorder.
  • Select the items you want to hide. You can select one or even all items at a time.
  • Tap on ‘More’ at the top right corner, it will display several options.
  • Now tap on ‘Move to private’ and choose the selected items to hide. When the private mode is disabled, the hidden items will not be available anymore. You can turn off this mode by going to settings and do the same mentioned steps

The process is same for all other apps, which allow you to hide content in Galaxy S7/S7 Edge devices.


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