OnePlus 3 sales to be stopped for a Month in European Markets

OnePlus 3, a premium quality Smartphone that was launched worldwide just a couple of months ago has gone viral and that’s why the manufacturer now thinks to stop selling this handset for a month in selected regions. Demand for this device is much more in the market than expected and the manufacturer is incapable to meet this growing demand in time. For that reason, OnePlus is planning to drop the invite system of OnePlus 3 and stop selling the latest flagship from 9th August to 12th September.

oneplus 3

Now if you are a lover of the premium OnePlus 3 flagship and is planning to purchase one, then might get shocked going through this deceleration by the manufacturer. Definitely you would like to know the selected markets where the company is planning to stop sale. Well the markets are Belgium, Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Hong Kong, Ireland,Latvia, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Malta, Poland, Romania, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain.

Being asked on why such decision by the company, Co-Founder of OnePlus Carl Pei said this decision is taken to provoke the growing frustration among the users. According to him, it becomes quite difficult for the company to produce OnePlus 3 handsets as per the growing and more than expected demand of the users in the mainland of Europe. So the company takes a temporary break to replenish with the sale.

Then you might think what to do next. Well, if you are a person who live in any of the affected countries, so you need to place your order for the OnePlus 3 as soon as possible, if you are not interested to wait still the sale resumes. But if you can wait, then now worries. You can sign up with the official website of OnePlus and you will be notified as soon the sale resumes. But users who live in other countries apart from the ones we have mentioned, you people need not worry because in your country sale dominates demand and hence there is scarce chance of such situation getting created.

So what you think guys? Would you like to place your order for this device today? Or you would prefer some other brand in the same price point? Forget not to share your views with us.

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