One Simple trick to navigate Multiple Destinations in Google Maps for Android

Google Maps

Well, if you are a frequent Android user of the Google Maps, then you must have experienced that the Google Maps for Android by now was only permitting users to track routes to a single destination such as gas stations, restaurants, cafes, and shopping marts etc. But the feature still now had not allowed the users to use multiple destinations at a time. But you will be happy to know that now it’s possible and Google map will now similarly function on Android as it functions on desktop.

According to Android Police, the function is now workable in Android but with little help from the desktop. What the users have to do in all is to copy the full URL of a multiple destination from their desktop and have to send that to their Android mobile using any option such as email, massage or any chat option. Once received the link on Mobile, the users only have to click the link in Google Apps and it will open the multiple destinations route navigation. This indicates that Google might introduce the navigation to multiple destinations feature for Mobile soon.

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Besides, Google Maps also has introduced a new feature for the Android and iOS users in India on last Thursday. As per the feature, the Maps for Android and iOS in India will show traffic alert once the navigation mode is on. Yes, it will not only show traffic alerts, but will speak about the approaching traffic conditions while entering a destination on the App. The information will include details if any traffic congestion is there on the route the user are travelling and how long it will take to come out of the dense traffic or route. Also this Maps app will suggest to take if any alternative route is there.

But to make this feature functioning, users have to ensure to turn on the navigation Mode. Else it will not function.

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