Translate any App to Your Prefered Language devoid of any Compilation or Coding

Though English is a language internationally used, it is not the native language of many. Especially in the android world, we are stacked with various brilliant apps which are in English and which we would love to be in our native languages. And why only English, there are a great number of apps in other foreign languages that we would love to use, but for the language it is built in. This poses a problem if we are in dire need of getting the language in our language. So in situations as such that are so prevalent in the android world, we are bound to settle with an app of our desire that is not available in our language of preference.


Of course there is this hard way of converting it into our wanted language by decompiling and then putting in a translated XML which you won’t find easy unless you are a techie and then also, this process is of little use in actual practice since most applications are heavily protected from APK Tool which will render you incapable for bringing them back again.

But now things can seem brighter for those who want their favorite app in the language they want it to be. All thanks to a XDA member who worked further on the old Xposed Framework by another XDA senior recognized developer and brought out a method to just overload the res files.

Converting an app into your desired language would require nothing but a few simple steps. You start with decompiling the app you want to translate, then you translate it and copy the translated strings.xml to a SD card and that’s it! ResOverloader, as named, takes it from here and requires no techie stuffs as coding, compiling, etc. What the resOverloader does is basically overload strings.xml file for any APK application.  The developer of this took clue from resXploit that was earlier developed by a senior XDA developer.

You can find further details from the XDA developers website. For more such news and updates keep visiting TechGipsy.


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