No Adblock will work on YouTube Anymore, Success Story of Google

If you are a Adblock Service user and support it strongly, then now you have to no way to escape from the claws of Google. Yes, as you know Adblock is the software that is best supported by Internet users who don’t want to visualize any Adds on the webpages they visit. But this software ultimately results in cut-off revenue for the Webmasters thereby hampering their livelihood. What reports the Pagefair’s studies by the end of 2014, approximate 5% of the global Internet users, almost 144 million people use Adblock or related software to avoid Ads on the webpages they surf through.

Though this number is very little in comparison to the Global internet usage, but it abducts enough revenue since most users of this software belong to the Western countries. And as per the reports, almost 27.6 of the USA-based participants are claimed to use the Adblock and related software which drains out almost one fourth of the possible earnings from Ad business. And Google also is no way barred from this trend and hence the personnel at Google have found out a way to boycott these Adblock services. This procedure at this moment will be only applicable to YouTube.

As a pre-cautionary measure right now YouTube has started showcasing pre-roll ads before playing videos which makes it impossible to avoid Ads. Besides, the Adblock and similar software users will be the most sufferers as the Skip option will no more be present in their videos, thereby making it mandatory to watch Ads for multiple minutes altogether. So if they want to skip videos, then either they have to Whitelist their videos or they have to disable the Adblock services.

So now the Adblock and Similar software users will be left with no other option apart from watching videos and this is a very clear move from Google against the Ad-blockers. So what you think Publishers? Isn’t it a welcoming news for you. Would you like to thank Google for that?

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