New Facebook design layout and uploads tab for Android and iOS

Android and iOS users will now get a new layout and a new Uploads tab for the Photos section on Facebook. The feature will be brought to the users without an app update. Facebook had updated the News Feed in the last month, where we could more timely stories from Friends and Pages.

The new design in the Facebook app now shows a new collage-style design highlighting the most-liked images in the Photos section and in the new Uploads tab. The highlighting of the images is done based on the number of likes so, there is no way the users can remove these photos from highlight section. Facebook has has also brought a new ‘Uploads’ tab that shows all the photos uploaded by the user  at one place.

The size of thumbnail for  cover photo thumbnail for each folder is now enlarged. Facebook has no plans of bringing this feature to the Web layout. The new highlight of the images feature will be very interesting for those who maintain a Photography Page on facebook. This can be a great help for them as they can easily know they which photographs get good views .

Facebook had launched the mobile Like button and gave it to all iOS and Android developers to provide their users a way to share content instantly to the News Feed from within the apps. .Facebook says that its Like and Share buttons are viewed across 10 million websites per day, but mobile web technology hasn’t been able to keep up with the power and design finesse of native mobile apps. But now it can achieve this.

When users tap the mobile like button Facebook fast-app switches a them from their current app to the Facebook app where they’re shown a confirmation dialog. The users will have to confirm or deny the Like and then they are directed back into the app they were using previously. Users can use mobile Like button can be used to Like an app’s Facebook Page, an Open Graph object in an app, or share a piece of content or achievement like beating a level in a game .

These new features will certainly make the facebook experience  more interesting for the users.

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