Motorola launched Virat Kohli Edition Moto G Turbo Smartphone

Motorola Moto G Turbo Edition

Hello Virat Kohli fans! Great news for you guys. Today only Motorola launched the Virat Kohli Moto G Turbo Edition Smartphone which carries the Virat Kohli emblem. This Smartphone is of course quite identical to the original handset in terms of features and specifications, but you will have the opportunity to carry your favorite cricketer in your poke. This new variant of Moto G Turbo Edition has been manufactured by Motorola to honor the Indian test captain “Virat Kohli.” The Smartphone is actually a part of the Virat Fanbox that is to be sold at a price tag of Rs. 17k starting from May 1st.

Now arises the question, will not the Virat fans be happy with this step by Motorola? Of course, as they will have the opportunity to get full 1 year free subscription to the Virat FanBox Club, the Virat Kohli Edition Moto G Turbo handset, a miniature bat with Virat’s autograph and the Virat FanBox app which is meant to give access to the Virat fan club and a welcome letter signatured by Virat Kohli. This is an ideal concept which has actually been introduced by Cornerstone Sport consultants and PrivyPlex, a Singapore-based fan-engagement company.

The Motorola handset was launched in the event organized to launch the “first-of-its-kind fan club membership concept” and is a part of the Virat Kohli FanBox. Though the Virat FanBox Kit is priced at Rs. 16,999, but the Moto G Turbo original was launched at Rs. 14,999 and now it costs Rs. 12,499. Well, now you must be thinking what you will get with the Virat FanClub membership. Let’s assure you that you will get a lot. Yes, the FanClub membership will give you updates and information on Virat Kohli and will allow you to meet Virat personally on special occasions. Also you can chat privately with Virat Kohli and will get special offers on different products and services.

Ask Virat how he feels about this new idea and he says, “As a cricketer, I feel genuinely blessed with all the love and support I get from my fans. The Virat FanBox is my personal endeavour to get closer to my fans than ever before; to connect and chat with them online and meet them in real life. I am excited and looking forward to engaging and interacting with the Virat FanBox club members via the app.”

So what you think guys? Is this something you are really interested in? Definitely share your views with us.

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