Microsoft Surface 2 LTE & Surface 3 Tablet details leaked on Twitter ahead of Release

Microsoft had occupied good bit of market share with introduction of its Surface series tablets before and might the giant be planning to introduce a couple of new Surface series tablets in the market soon, but someone in the Twitter page recently revealed the details of the much talked about tablets before Microsoft could make anything official. A user named MSFTNerd took to the Twitter page and surfaced an array of tweets regarding the two tablets.

microsoft surface 2 lte

First of all the user tweeted about the Surface 3 Tablet in which he wrote that the much anticipated device from Microsoft might land this year end and might get powered by the Nvidia Tagera K1chipset which was of late introduced in the CES 2014. The chipset as showcased in the Consumer Electronics Show features a Kepler GPU belonging to the desktop-class and supports 192 CUDA/GPU cores.

Shedding light on the upcoming Surface 2 Tablet, the tweet mentioned that Microsoft is planning to launch the tablet by the end of this year which would stand a stern contender to the series of popular 7 or 8 inch Android & iOS tablets in the market. Added to this the tweet ensures that the Surface Mini Tablets and its LTE version also will be launched this year.

Besides, the user tweets that the first update of the Windows 8.1 Operating System will launch the InstantGo support for Intel’s upcoming BayTrail+ and other power chips for mobile devices so that the devices will always remain ON in both working and standby mode devoid of running much battery. The user too confirms that Microsoft will use AMD Mullins CPU in its prospected Xbox TV and not in its self-designed chip. However, the company plans to keep the Microsoft Notebook in hold for the time, the tweet ensures.

While the information revealed by MSFTNerd makes us assume that he must have some related sources in Microsoft, conversely we have to wait and see to what extent these info stand true.

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