LG G Flex: The First Curved Smartphone from LG

Few days ago we had let you informed about world’s first ever curved Smartphone from Samsung, the Galaxy Round and now one more Smartphone from LG, named the LG G Flex is getting ready to confront Samsung’s Galaxy Round. Isn’t it interesting? However, this is not the first time we did get info on this new Smartphone from LG. In fact, this is the second time that information leaked about the device, but this time with a bunch of photos and a hands-on video. Well, that you will find at the last part of the article.

Lg G Flex

The company has not officially announced anything about the Smartphone yet, but what the inner sources reveal the Smartphone from LG will feature a curved OLED screen i.e. curved from top-to-bottom. The screen is of 6 inch and you will find the power and volume button positioned at back of the device, like the LG G2 flagship. The Argentinian broadcaster Telefe has brought us the photos and videos of the device and confirms that the LG G Flex will feature a 13MP rear camera which is undoubtedly too good for taking snapshots or recording the special moments of your life.

What more information we gather, if the device is scheduled for November release in the South Korean markets. However, we don’t have any info if the device is also going to hit the American or European markets. It will only be confirmed after the device goes on floors or if any further leak hits us. The leak doesn’t reveal any more info on the further spec details or price of the device.

However, what you think about the two curved Smartphones friends? Do you think the two will be worthy of competing with the other existing Smartphones of the contemporary time? Or they will turn sole rivals only? Don’t forget to share your opinion with us.


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