Lazy Aroma for beginners to make working in Aroma easy

One thing that differentiates Android from other operating systems is that Android distributes its system and contents through plain zip files containing all package files and the updater is needed to process the installation, while other Operating Systems distribute their content in static ROM images. So while both of the trends differ from each other, sometimes we find it bit difficult to work with either Operating Systems considering their process of functionality. That’s what make us always seek for a convenient process to work with these.

The mentioned updater is of two types, namely the binary and the script. But the old update-binary that was a part of the working of the android OS had limited functions and thus could not utilize the advanced technology to its full potential. With the introduction of aroma system, all the old limitations just vanished and it altered our notions of how we install ROMs, kernels by allowing us to select particular applications and libraries, etc that we would like to install in our device.



But the issue with Aroma is that it can pose as a difficult, problematic system for beginners. Keeping this in mind a XDA senior member has designed a tool which has been named as Lazy Aroma. This is a windows batch script that makes it easy for beginners to work with aroma. It further enables users to exhibit other actions like adding comments and info, creating the initial aroma window and even building the very updater script that launches the aroma window during installation. The aroma tool makes working on projects easy and you can apply it to your projects by downloading it into your device.

To get to know how the newly developed tool works in details, you can go to the XDA developers site and check it out there. Wanna get more updates on Technology? Then Keep visiting TechgGipsy for more tech news and updates.

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