Know the hidden Chess game that your Facebook Messenger has

This might seem bit astonishing to you. You might wonder, Chess & in Facebook messenger! Where? Though almost all of you are frequent users of Facebook Messenger, but most of you must not have come across this feature. This feature of Facebook Messenger can be played in a new personal chat window and is applicable for the Android and iOS users on the Messenger app. Similarly, the web users in Facebook can use it via messages.

But now question arises how to play the game? If you are a user on the Facebook Manager, then what you have to do is to enter the command @fbchess play to initiate the Chess game with a person you are chatting. To move the pieces on the Chess dashboard you need to know the Standard Algebraic Notation commands that is used for moving the pieces to the required location on board.

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For instance, if you want to move a pawn down to the 3d location, then you can enter the command “@fbchess Pd3”. Following the same rule you can use the letters K is for King, Q for Queen, N for Knight, B for Bishop, R for Rook and P for Pawn. Suppose you get stuck in the middle of the game and for help you can enter @fbchess help in the text fields which will further showcase you a list of commands and instructions. You can take help of these commands and instructions to get released from the situation.

The game is designed so that it always helps the user to get rid of loosing the game when in “Check” situation. Suppose you want to give up playing, then you can enter the command @fbchess resign and you will soon be out of the stuff. Facebook for the first time introduced the game feature in its Messenger database the previous year and the Facebook Chess game for the first time was detected by the Reddit users approx a month ago.

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